The Conscious Queen

The Conscious Queen

An online platform dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of those in the Black and Brown community, The Conscious Queen  uniquely addresses the critical role societal and cultural influences have on the way we perceive the world. With a focus on reducing the stigma associated with mental health challenges, this site serves as a source of healing for all who have experienced anger, shame and guilt in being true to themselves. Together, we will discuss current events, stay up to date with the latest psychological research and support one another in becoming more aware, conscious of who they are in order to embrace the beauty of being oneself.



Implementing creativity and therapeutic interventions, the unique workshops offered by The Conscious Queen are centered around self-care to educate and enhance guests'  mental wellness techniques.



Online coaching program with both group and individual options to help you on your path to freedom by assisting you in utilizing your own healing tools to incorporate self care into your daily lifestyle.



Fosters enhanced mental wellness practices through a variety of items including apparel, workbooks, affirmation cards and more that is created with cultural sensitvity at the forefront. 

Hands Therapy


Telemental health services provided to residents in the state of Georgia in which we focus on validating your story and understanding how your life's experiences can help you find your freedom.