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Who are you? How have you defined your life’s purpose? What creative powers do you possess that allow you to fulfill your many duties while also tending to your own needs?

If you found yourself experiencing difficulty defining how you have established balance in your life, know that this program is here to help you!

In the course of 8 weeks, we will explore your way to freedom by creating plans to combat negative thoughts and behaviors which prevent you from living a life filled with freedom fro the juggling act. 

A Freedom Seeking Experience

What to Expect When You Become a Member of The Healing Squad

In a time spanning over 8 weeks, you will connect with women of various walks of life who all share a common goal: To establish a fulfilling life based upon establishing balance, setting boundaries and discovering life’s beauty. We will focus on the following: 

Defining Who You Truly Are

Exhibiting Gratitude for Life’s Experiences

Unpacking What No Longer Serves You

Emerging Healing Through Courage 

Developing Strength to Incite Change

Falling in Love with All that You Are

Being a Woman of My Word

Being the Light

Based upon package selected, you will receive a combination of services via live training, individual check ins and the support of other Queens within this process.

By the time of completion of this program, it is expected that you will have a deeper understanding of self which can propel you to living a life you deserve!

Programs Designed with You and Your Finances in Mind

Access to healing shouldn’t cause unbalance in any other area of your life. This dynamic program offers three different options with a biweekly payment plan to help you improve the way you care for yourself. 

This program is limited to 10 women. Click below to select which option best fits you.  

Queen Blossom

8 Group Coaching Sessions via Video

Support through Private Facebook Group

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Queen Light

8 Group Coaching Sessions via Video

Support through Private Facebook Group
Healing Squad Toolkit
Weekly Personalized Email Check-Ins

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Queen Visionary

8 Group Coaching Sessions via Video

Support through Private Facebook Group
Healing Squad Toolkit
Affirmation Cards & Healing Squad T Shirt
Weekly Personalized Email Check-Ins
2 Virtual One-On-One Sessions

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Coaching program will begin Tuesday, May 21, 2019 and end on Tuesday July 9, 2019.  Registration closes Friday, May 10, 2019. Book your 15 minute exploration call now! 

Be Conscious. Be True. Be Creatively You.

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