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Welcome to theconsciousqueen.com!

(con•scious) 'kän(t)SHəs

"Aware of and responding to one's surroundings; awake; having knowledge of something; aware; painfully aware of; sensitive to"

An online platform dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of those in the Black and Brown community, TheConsciousQueen.com is a blog which uniquely addresses the critical role societal and cultural influences have on the way we perceive the world. With a focus on reducing the stigma associated with mental health challenges, this site serves as a source of healing for all who have experienced anger, shame and guilt in being true to themselves. Together, we will discuss current events, stay up to date with the latest psychological research and support one another in becoming more aware, conscious of who they are in order to embrace the beauty of being oneself.

About Chalice Nelson

"Psychology is in everything we do. From the way that we walk, to the way that we talk... It guides us throughout life's journey."

Chalice Nelson is a Nationally Certified Counselor with over 10 years experience within the mental health field. It was while attending the illustrious Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University that her interest within the field of psychology was fueled by work completed with renowned professors and programs, such as with St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. She later obtained a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from St. John Fisher College. Since then, she has worked with various populations including: substance use, the developmentally delayed, adults and child and adolescents.

TheConsciousQueen.com was a figment of her imagination for nearly 4 years. As she witnessed the disparity within the therapeutic services Black and Brown people were provided, she worked diligently to create a platform to validate the challenges they face and encourage them to seek the help they need. Thus, TheConsciousQueen.com launched in October of 2017, inspiring others through unique posts, clothing and accessories to "Be Conscious. Be True. Be Creatively You."

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