1. Hey Royalty! It’s been awhile. I have missed you and I surely hope that you have missed me. Life can get the best of us and it surely has gotten the best of me. Before I am a therapist, I am human. I lose motivation. I go through things. I grow weary. All which has occurred over the last 3 months. So back in May, in

    Depression. Of all mental health diagnoses, it is the most common of them all, affecting over 16 million people a year (National Institute for Mental Health, 2017). For us melanated kings and queens, 1 in 10 of us experience symptoms like consistent feelings of sadness, sense of helplessness/hopelessness, lack of energy, change in eating habits/weight, poor concentration, trouble sleeping and symptoms of the like. Take a second to think about it and be honest with

    Today is February 14, Valentine’s Day and for many, yesterday was deemed as the end of “cuffing season,” just before any purchases were made for the holiday. Cuffing season defined by many is a period of time during the cold weather seasons in which people commit to serious relationships with the intent to break up as the weather warms up in efforts to maintain their ‘sense

    Hello Royalty, I’m recovering from an awesome time at “The Crowning” Create Your Own Self-Care Toolkit event! The Conscious Queens and I had a wonderful time meditating, getting massages, creating our crowns and more! As my first workshop ever, it was challenging to say the least. I experienced so many setbacks that emotionally, for a second (ok, maybe a few hours), I was “Set-back.” Fear had overcome me because as my guests arrived, I

    Hello Royalty! Happy New Year! As many of you experienced yourselves, closing out 2017 took some patience, reevaluation and determination. Thankfully we all made it! If you have subscribed to my monthly e-mails (and if you haven’t, let’s get you started now), you know that it’s #nogoalsjanuary! I like to take January to rest, truly give myself the time to just be, get back into the groove of things and set a concrete plan